the_oaten_flute.mid (2022- - 2023)

experimental pastoral opera, sound installation



the_oaten_flute.mid is a pastoral opera installation inspired by concepts of the mountainous idyll of the Swiss Alps and one of its most famous inhabitants, the fictitious character “Heidi.” It explore the relationships between ruralism and nationalism, questioning common-held idealizations of a pastoral lifestyle by investigating how it forms identity, and touching upon the recent resurgence of völkisch—ethno-nationalist ideologies in Germany.


The installational version of bucolica.exe is reduced to two goat robots walking and singing a duet in a petting zoo environment open for the spectators to enter.



robotic goats, electronics, metal fence, cushions, carpet



Lucia Margarita Bauer

Fabian Young

Max Pross

Lola Goeller

Rosemary Hardy

Maria Markina

Joseph Ostendorf

Edis Ludwig

Kaoko Amano

Johann Leutgeb

Timotheus Maas

Lukas Anton

Kaoko Amano

Johann Leutgeb



installation views:

Deichtorhallen, Sammlung Falckenber, Hamburg

Galerie Conradi, Hamburg

Kunstverein Siegen, Siegen

For the_oaten_flute.mid Tintin Patrone employed artificial intelligence to analyze a diverse range of source materials, including madrigals, pastoral poems, and folk songs. These served as the initial inspiration for crafting entirely new libretti. The machine's task was to distill the essence and atmosphere of the alpine and shepherd idyll from this wealth of primary texts, resulting in remarkably eerie text compositions.


Reflecting the collaborative nature of authorship between the artist and the AI in the creation of the libretto, the vocal interpretation of these texts is a product of synergy between a collective of pre-recorded singers, a robotic goat, and a hologram. These elements act as vocal intermediaries, lending a performative dimension to the recordings.

© Christina Köhler 2023