Streitwagen (2014)



The Project „Streitwagen“ (German for chariot) focuses on the combination of automated music, low-tech, man-machine, man-power, girls and cars and the contradicting concepts of strength and weakness. The objective of the piece is to combine these elements in a humorous and playful manner, while still trying to maintain a feeling of grandezza and spectacle. A Ford Mondea acts as the foundation and is pulled by 2 or 4 men, the motion of men and car causes different mechanical processes, such as triggering contact-microphones or optical devices, low-tech synths and simple light constructions are reacting simultaniously. The platform installed on top of the car is the stage for the charioteer giving commands and instructions via mic and effects. By adding human voice the perfomance gets an even more organic dynamic. Between the raw pulling sequences of the perfomance there is also a concert scene and visual show in which the car is standing still.


multimedia installation, with Carl-John Hoffmann and Nils Knott

ShinyToys, Mülheim, Germany

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