“Meaningless work is potentially the most abstract, concrete, individual, foolish, indetermlnate, exactly determined, varied, important art-action-experience one can undertake today.Thls concept is not a joke. In fact, to be fully understood, meaningless work should be done alone or else it becomes entertainment for others and the reaction or lack of reaction of the art lover to the meaningless work can not honestly be felt.

Meaningless work can contain all of the best qualities of old art forms such as painting, writing etc. It can make you feel and think about yourself, the outside world, morality, reailty, unconsciousness, nature, history, time, philosophy, nothing at all, politics etc. without the limitations of the old art forms.

Meaningless work is individual in nature and it can be done in any form and over any span of time - from one second up to the limits of exhaustion.It can be done fast or slow or both. Rhythmically or not. It can be done anywhere in any weather conditions. Clothing if any, is left to the individual. Whether the meaningless work, as an art form, is meaningless, in the ordinary sence of that term, is of course up to the individual. Meaningless work is the new way to tell who is square.”

Walter De Maria, March, 1960

sauna (2017)



mobile sauna,

6 bottles of vodka, ipad, smartphone


Eskalationsdynamiken, VN Fine Arts, Galerie Loyal, Kassel, Germany

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