Pet Music (2023)

performance with human and post-human performers


The performance "Pet Music" integrates elements from various artistic currents and technological contexts. A robot plays the piano, aided by four human assistants. The incorporation of random elements harks back to the principles of the Fluxus movement, which emphasized spontaneity and chance. The technological dimension, embodied by the robot, reflects the influence of Nam June Paik, who incorporated technology into his artworks.

Another facet of the performance is the notion of musical pets, offering a contrast to the main technological component and raising questions about capabilities and interactions beyond the human realm.

Overall, the performance represents an overlay and interaction of historical art movements with contemporary technology, presenting its various influences and references in a neutral manner.


human performers:


Annika Kahrs

Louis d’Heudières

Andy Ingamells



As part of the exhibition „Nam June Paik: I Expose the Music“ at Dortmunder U


© Christina Köhler 2023