Out of the Blue (2023)

participatory installation and lecture performances in collaboration with Daniel Schulz (sculptor, Berlin) and Martin Muth (moderator and performance artist, Hamburg)


In September 2023, an excavation site was realized during a residency in Monheim am Rhein in collaboration with Daniel Schulz and Martin Muth. The following images document the public and participatory installation and provide an insight into the dimensions of the multi-layered project on the banks of the Rhine. The project in Monheim is dedicated to the supposed connection between goats and the Internet and playfully integrates the history of forgotten goat breeding in Monheim into their smart city concept. The excavation was preceded by two lectures. Another speculative performance lecture at the end of the residency discussed in more detail the relief found and its supposed meaning and symbolism.


The project was supported by Monheim am Rhein Kunstwerkstatt

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