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11.2020                                      Heft 51, Sammlung N, curated by flipping the coin http://www.sammlung-haus-n.de/pdf/heft_51.pdf


postponed                                Premiere: ECCE HOMO, Teil 1, Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany


postponed                                w/ Corecass, Johanniskirche, Hamburg, Germany


postponed                                POWER LOOM series, km28, Berlin, Germany


11.12.2020                                  release DAISY&HOLY https://daizyundholy.bandcamp.com


01.01.2021                                  release mex2020 https://anaott.bandcamp.com/album/mex-2020-2


01.2021                                      bottled water, virtual group show, artist collective Osaka + Hamburg


01.2021                                      composite by the numbers, online sound composition project by Dayang Yraola, Manila, Philippines


02.-12.2021                                 unlimited rice, interdisciplinary project space, Veddel, Hamburg


05.2021                                      ausland, Berlin, Germany


09. – 10.07.21                             bruital furore, Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany




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