Karre oke (2016)

participatory performance


Karre Oke is a participatory performance format, consisting of 2-4 musicians, 1-2 cars, a karaoke

audiosystem and 3-4 audience members. In specially

modified vehicles (external attachments, windows clad with strippable film, additional light and soundsystem, artificial temperature increase of the auto body, etc.), the audience is given the opportunity to select an sing a modified karaoke song. Video and text are projected onto the windshield from the outside and are thus readable from the back seat. The two front seats are occupied by 2 musicians, who improvise to the vocals or live re-edit the sound coming from the Karaoke system.


Car-Karaoke, multimedia installation, with Tim Huys, inspired by Max Siedentopf

installation view, Tiefgarage, Köln, Germany

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