bucolica .exe (2022)

sound performance

with Fabian Jung, André Mulzer, Frederic Ehlers, Martina Wegener



While in residence at Callie’s, Patrone has been developing a new performance inspired by the mountainous idyll of the Swiss Alps and one of its most famous inhabitants, the fictitious character “Heidi.” Patrone’s Bucolica. exe explores the relationships between ruralism and nationalism, questioning common-held idealizations of a pastoral lifestyle by investigating how it forms identity, and touching upon the recent resurgence of völkisch—ethno-nationalist ideologies in Germany.


Bucolica. exe juxtaposes self-built musical instruments—sculptural work that the artist refers to as “sound objects”—with future-oriented technologies such as 3D holograms and a singing goat robot. It is the third chapter of Patrone’s performance when you and your goat find bread.




5 performers, hologram, robotic goat, electronics, wooden mechanical instruments, fake logs, slime



Lucia Margarita Bauer

Fabian Young

Max Pross

Lola Goeller

Rosemary Hardy

Maria Markina

Joseph Ostendorf

Edis Ludwig





Callie’s, April 2022, Berlin, Germany

Photo courtesy of Callie’s



© Christina Köhler 2022